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     Do you have any idea how valuable this knowledge is? Can you see how it could benefit you right away and give you a big edge in music? Let's take an example from another field:

     What if you had the ability to predict what the price of a stock, let's say IBM, would be tomorrow morning? Would that give you ad edge in the stock market? Even if you were wrong 15% of the time, it would only be a matter of months until you were so rich you wouldn't be able to spend all the money you made. Right?

     Of if you could predict what the price of pork bellies, or cattle, or soybeans, or corn…or anything -- you would soon own the world and most of the solar system.

     In music, money isn't involved directly, but another kind of riches is -- satisfaction, enjoyment, mutual respect of other musicians, etc., and you have it within your power to gain the ability to accurately predict -- with accuracy ranging from 60% up to 85% -- what will happen next in a song in terms of chord progressions.

     Will you ever be wrong? Of course. I still miss now and then. But you'll understand the framework of why chords progress the way they do, so your confidence level will soar.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could predict which chord would probably come next in a song?

     It is possible. Not 100%, but somewhere on the order of 75% to 85% accurate.

     That’s because music has FORM -- like the...

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